StarwarsRP Like You've Never Experienced Before

Immerse yourself in the star wars universe on our Garry's mod community. Become a clone trooper, join our many different battalions and prove yourself worthy among your clone brethren. Become a Jedi padawan and learn the ways of the force, join various Jedi classes, and customize your lightsaber however you choose. Join us today!

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About Us

TwoTone Roleplay is an immersive Starwars Roleplaying community that has intentions to create the most unique and immersive experience in the category. We strive to differentiate ourselves from the competition by using our own custom scripts and synergizing our system to work in tangent. If you don’t have fun on our server, it would be a complete and utter failure to us. Our team works hard to have our dreams play out, and be the biggest server on the listings.

Founding Team

Our team has a passion for star wars, and we are veterans of Garrys Mod SWRP. Each of these people are dedicated to making this community a better place and will stop at nothing to succeed.


Chief Executive


Chief Executive

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