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General Rules
- No racist, sexist, homophobic or offensive language. This goes for IC & OOC.
- Do not MetaGame
- Do not RDM another player. Even with consent, you should only kill a player during an event as long as you are an event enemy.
- FailRP is not tolerated. All situations should be handled in character until told otherwise & no in-human actions should be performed without proper roleplay background.
- Do not randomly fire a weapon. You must have an RP reason for firing a weapon.
- Do not mic spam. Do not play music or continuously shout down the mic with no intention of stopping.
- Using Hacks/Cheats/Glitches/Exploits is not allowed. If found using them, you will be given a permanent ban. Not reporting a bug is just as bad

Roleplay Rules
- Do not disrespect or invoke beef with another regiment.
- When a player is using "active camouflage" while crouched your character cannot see them.
- If Jedi is fighting a Sith do not shoot at them
- Do not use /advert for non-IC matters, /advert is an in-character communication device.
- You must always listen to the highest-ranking officer present, staying on the task of their orders, unless you have an RP reason to disobey orders(such as being ordered to by an event host).
- Promotions must be handled in-character and on the server.
- For actions used in RP, use /me to describe the actions of your character.
- You can have one Jedi, One naval, and one Clone. You cannot have lore positions on all 3 characters. (I.E. Obi Wan, Commander Cody, and admiral yularen.)
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